Health & Safety

Enviromental Safety.

We have a responsibility to respect the environment, to protect human health and to always ensure product/facility safety.

Rahamaniyya Group is fully committed to its responsibility in reducing health impacts of it's activities and products.

Our Health Concerns.

Rahamaniyya, in close cooperation with project contractors and suppliers, has made "zero accidents" a top priority at all stages of its operations. Right from the engineers, the safe of personnel working at the depot is a fundamental factor in designing structures and systems of our operation.

Safety concerns are also a factor in the designs, operations and harzard watch of all our retail outlets and transportations.

Our Health Measures.

  • Never start up or shut down any equipment without using the appropriate written operating procedure.
  • Always dress and wear hazard protections kits provided.
  • Drive within appointed traffic limits for all trucks, traffic limits also apply within and outside Rahamaniyya premises.
  • Entering site requires pass for everyone and the wearing of hazard kits