Rahamaniyya Retail Ltd

Our Retail Services

Our Strategic Position

The Company import, supply to distributors, construction companies and market the following petroleum products petroleum motor spirit P.M.S, Dual purpose kerosene (D.P.K) and A.G.O using its extensive chain of retail outlets to our esteemed customers in Abuja,Bauchi, kano, Kaduna,katsina, sokoto, gusau, portharcourt etc.

Our Strategic Direction

To rapidly expand our chain of retail outlets throughout Nigeria and Africa, starting with lagos, Abuja and kano as well as Ghana and cotonou respectively, to deliver more value for money services to our esteemed customers. To grow our retail sales through a combination of revenue growth which could be achieved by maintaining constant supply of products across all retail outlets coupled with the effective cost management of operational expenses.

Head of Department Statement

Up on my confirmation as the head business development and retail services department, I set my self a set of objectives to go round all the group’s business units to assess their operational systems and to assess the state of our infrastructure across the federation, to enable us align the on-going business operations to the company’s set objectives where necessary and also improve the physical infrastructure (remodel retail outlets) to deliver more value for money services to our customers, in order to increase our sales and profitability.

Having completed the tour, I can say that without hesitation, our employees have impressed with their ‘’can do ’’ culture and commitment to success of this company. The hard work and dedication to duty of our employees is the cornerstone of Rahamaniyya’s success. Therefore, I will like to express my sincere appreciation to our entire staff for their enduring commitments and professionalism.

During this year, we are going to focus on ‘’our customer approach strategy’’ to ensure that we attract new and retain already existing customers. So far, we already made significant progress in our plan to improve (remodel) our physical infrastructures in both the depot and across all retail outlets. Also significant progress had been made in improving our management performance and leadership processes. This has in turn strengthened our behaviours and cultures across the group.