Rahamaniyya Estate Ltd


About Us

We want to change the way accommodation is provided to clients in Nigeria, raising people’s expectations about quality, service and flexible payment systems. We want our client to find renting a house, shop or office space with us very easy, comfortable, safe and incredibly affordable. And we want our client to recommend us to other people.

We try to simplify everything we do by making it as clear and upfront as possible, from our plain-speaking name to the friendly reception. You are always welcome.

Our History

In 2004, Rahamaniyya group having established strong brand name in the oil and gas sector, capitalizes on its strong brand image advantage and diversified its businessinto the booming real estate sector in Nigeria to harness the opportunities offered by the market. Providing excellent accommodation and real estate buy out services in Abuja, lagos and sokoto.

Rahamaniyya real estate is a plain-speaking and highly experienced in dealing with clients, providing innovative and excellent services to the real estate sector.

Our goal is to provide properties in an excellent location across Nigeria at a very affordable price.


The Apo Estate

This consists 32 flats of 8nos 3bedroom and 24nos of 2bedrooms at 23 David Ejoor Crescent, Apo Abuja


Utako Estate 2

This is the subset of Utako Estate, the 8nos of 3bedroom flats situated in thes same premises.


The Panama Estate

This is sutated at 45, Panama Stree, Ministers Hill, Maitama Abuja. It has 2nos 3bedrooms and 4 nos 2bedrooms.


The Saudi Embassy

This consists of 10nos dupblexes situated in the heart of Maitama, at Yadeseram Street; Maitama, Abuja.


The Panama Estate 2

Our Panama Estate consists of a total of 42nos of 1bedrooms and 24nos of 3bedroom at No1, Ajose Adeogun Stree, Utako District, Abuja.


The Gimbiya Estate

Offices/Shops with 4floors & a pent house with 13nos of offices, measuring from 101-258sqm at No10 Gimbiya Stree, Area 11, Garki Abuja.