Rahamaniyya Oil & Gas Ltd


About Rahamaniyya Oil & Gas

Rahamaniyya Oil & Gas company commenced operations with an authorised capital of Two Million Naira, but has now got asset in excess of three billion Naira as at 31st March, 2007.

The commissioning of the sophisticated facilities at the Depot is an attestation to the prime position the company occupied in the downstream sector.

Rahamaniyya Oil and Gas depot is situated along Prince (Dr.) Akinruntan Close Beach land Estate Apapa. The depot was commissioned on March 29th 2008 with AGO cargo receipt Ex MT GLOBE SKY having a total of 7,381.423MT (8,884,776 litres).

Our Depot Profile

BUILDINGS: We have three (3) office blocks within the depot namely, the administrative, maintenance/safety and laboratory/motor control centre.

GATES: We also have three (3) big gates with gate houses, one for truck entry, another for truck exit and the last one for staff/visitors entry/exit. They are all manned by trained security personnel.

TANKAGE: The depot has a total of seven (7) tanks of 10 million (10,000,000) litres each nominal capacities, giving a total of seventy million (70,000,000) litres. Also available are two (2) slop tanks with 250,000 litres capacities each

TANKS DISTRIBUTION: The tank farm housing the storage tanks is divided into two sections. The first contains low volatile products of three tanks in which one (1) tank is for DPK with a capacity of ten million (10,000,000) litres and two tanks for AGO with a total capacity of twenty million (20,000,000) litres. The second section is for high volatile product containing four (4) storage tanks for PMS and with a total of forty million (40,000,000) litres. The slop tanks are also in this section with each for low and high flash point product.

PRODUCT PUMP: There are twelve (12) product pumps available with ten (10) of them presently connected to the each loading arm. The remaining two (2) serves as spare and for further expansion. Each pump is a centrifugal pump with a design flow rate of 2900 l/min and connected to a 37 Kw electric motor.

LOADING BAY/GANTRY: There are five (5) loading bays equipped with two (2) loading arms each giving a total of ten (10) loading arms. Each arm is connected to a SATAM meter having a design flow rate of 2500 l/min. The gantry is equipped with water sprinklers and bonding cables

TRUCK HOLDING BAY: We currently have a land that can accommodate a total number of one hundred(100) trucks at the moment but arrangement is on-going for a bigger space that will accommodate a minimum of three hundred (300) trucks.