Join Rahamaniyya Group

At Rahamaniyya, we are always on the look out for highly skilled, enthusiastic and dedicated people who can contribute to our continuing success. We understand that to a large extent, the ability of a company to be successful depends greatly on its human resources. As we are a company positioned to make an impact in the industry we attract, develop, motivate and retain individuals who have the required skills and knowledge to impact on the bottom line of the company.

At Rahamaniyya, we have an appraisal system that helps to develop our people and ensure performing individuals are adequately rewarded. Ours is a great place to work. Qualified candidates are invited to send their resume in text, HTML, or Microsoft Word format.


Our Core Values


Our philosophy is strategic investment in people; this is pursuant to our vision and mission statement. We do not just preach investment in people; we act it through sourcing, the best materials and training them, creating enabling work environment. Thus our members of staff are empowered to acquire requisite knowledge and skills to perform their duties competently.


In our organisation, we hold the key principle of team work in high regard; hence employees pool resources in order to achieve organisational goals and objectives.


The Oil and Gas business and indeed other business endeavours of the our group are trust- driven, hence all members of staff are made to undertake minimum integrity and trust test prior to confirmation of their appointments. Any breach of trust may attract relevant sanctions.


We attract the best hands in our employment and we are ranked among the best in the industry. Methods of remuneration are always aligned with the role and contribution of function and service in our Group because; the focus of remuneration is on a person’s to shareholders’ wealth and customer value.